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Kevin's WAV is by a river while he sits outside it, in his wheelchair, with a Motability teddy bear on his lap

I have still been able to keep my independence

Kevin has cerebral palsy and hydrocephalus and uses a wheelchair. He explains what a difference the Scheme vehicle has made to his life.

I heard about the Scheme from a family friend. I leased my first vehicle back in 2003 and I have been leasing vehicles ever since.

Kevin doesn’t drive, but has carers who visit him and they are able to drive the vehicle for him.

Kevin is outside in a park in the autumn, sat comfortably in his wheelchair as he smiles to camera
“Without my Motability Scheme WAV, I would be a prisoner in my own home. I just wouldn’t be able to get out”

Even though I don’t drive, I can still be a passenger in the vehicle and my carers are able to take me out shopping. With their help I am still able to visit friends and family and access the community in my local town.”

Before Motability, I found it hard as I had to be manually lifted in and out of my car. It was difficult for me and for those caring for me. Now, I am able to get into my vehicle whilst still in my wheelchair which is safer for everyone.

The WAV has made such a positive difference to my life and I just want to spread the word about Motability and what a fantastic experience I have had with them for the last 18 years. I have still been able to keep my independence, which I’m extremely grateful for.