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Danielle is walking down a country lane, pushing her daughter in her pushchair and her son scooting along on his bike

Our Reports

A study of existing evidence on disability and transport, including research gaps and pockets of innovation.

A large-scale quantitative analysis with over 250 data tables describing in granular detail the transport habits and behaviours of people living with disabilities.

A mixed-methods study directly with disabled people exploring their transport experiences, challenges, and needs.

 A presentation summarising key findings from the three previous pieces of research.

A mixed-methods study examining the accessibility challenges disabled people are expected to face with existing EV charging infrastructure; the scale of these issues; and how they might be solved.

Motability also sponsored a piece of user research on the same topic from the Research Institute for Disabled Consumers (RiDC):

To learn more about what Motability is doing to address EV charging infrastructure issues, please see our Innovation page.